Where the only membership requirement is that you come as you are.


For a long time now, I've wanted to facilitate a space where women can come to just DANCE, to experiment with their own unique rhythms and shapes, and to develop a personal movement vocabulary. There is no such thing as "I can't dance" in my books - there is only awakening.


And so I offer The Strut Club as a gathering place, a watering hole for your body and spirit, a time to listen, feel, explore, and connect. 





















With foundations in Urban/Pussycat Doll Burlesque, the class explores feminine sensuality, drawing on Jazz, Modern, Dancehall, Hip-Hop, and other contemporary styles of dance.


This Sensual Movement Fusion will awaken, challenge, and stir you. It's a time to play, get sexy, and have fun in the company of other really rad women - a doorway to your Creatress flow, a weekly opportunity to harness the powerful and pulsing Shakti energy within you.


The point is not perfection or polish - it's the gathering, the mess of it, and the truth that reveals itself through the laughter, the mindfulness, and the sweat. You move, you breathe, you feel with your bones and skin, you take cues from your heart beat.


It's RITUAL MOVEMENT MEDICINE. It's freedom, and it feels like magic.

PLUS, a good strut sesh is truly like taking your daily vitamins. And it's wayyy cheaper than therapy. So no matter what the day has thrown at you, The Strut Club is the place you can come to drop your bags at the door and let go.


Yes, sister, you are fierce and strong.

Yes, you are graceful and fluid.

Yes, you are sexy and radiant.

Yes, you may claim all these titles as yours, and more.


So Wild Woman,

come out of hiding.






6:30-7:30pm, Rhodes Wellness College

BUZZ at street level to be let up!

DROP-IN: $20

A sturdy heel, boot, or wedge shoe is recommended!