This coming spring, RADIANCE & RITUAL will be hosting Mythic Sister at The Dharma Temple!


Join Karoline Dania for a 4-week progressive exploration of Goddess-inspired movement, designed to awaken and harness your innate feminine archetypes. Internalize the energetic qualities of the deities Durga, Lakshmi, Kali, and Saraswati, downloading their qualities into your being through a diverse offering of yoga, dance, meditation, mantra, satsang, and ritual. PLUS, a healing botanical gift from The Holistic Gypsy!


TUESDAYS March 22nd - April 12th

7:45-9:15 PM / $100 investment



Week 1 - DURGA

An exploration the Warrior Goddess of Protection and Inner Strength.


Embody Durga’s blazing solar energy and summon her force of inner revolution to clear old blockages, emotions that darken your energy body, and residue that prevents the free flow of your natural life force. Channel Durga’s fierceness, her Kundalini Shakti, her enchantress qualities to allow the deeper powers within you to unfold your life.


Movement medicine will include, but is not limited to: strong foundations, somatic truth telling, heightened pranic energy, liberating power flow, warrior battle cries, and embodiment of your inner Cosmic Queen.



Week 2 - LAKSHMI

A date with the Goddess of Abundance and Good Fortune.


Nurture your divine feminine Yin qualities and create a vessel where love and beauty are willing to reside. Access Lakshmi’s energies of vitality, radiance, kindness, and gratitude and come to rest within your infinite opulence as a woman. Renew yourself sweetly, invite abundance, and leave with that “Lakshmi glow.”


Movement medicine will include, but is not limited to: cooling Chandra Namaskar, refinement through kinesthetic discernment, cleansing pranayama, a light and bright flow, lubrication of joints and subtle body current, inner/outer balancing, and diverse practices in trusting the goodness of the Universe.



Week 3 - KALI

Welcome the Goddess of Revolution.


Awaken in service of your heart, bringing your shadows to light and reducing your excuses to ashes. Invoke Kali’s fire of transformation to dissolve false ideas, conditional beliefs, and negative patterns that keep you from recognizing your true essence and Self. Call in the fiercest aspect of your Wild Woman nature to find freedom in the wake of old structures.


Movement medicine will include, but is not limited to: wildly audacious asana, purification of inner body and chakras, fiery vinyasa flow, dances of destruction, release of built-in contractions, exploration of sacred sexuality, and generally becoming a force of nature.




A dance with the Goddess who flows as Insight, Language, and Sound.


Call in Saraswati’s flowing essence to loosen stuck energies and partner with the flow of reality. Bring forth a tide of inspiration and creativity by releasing blockages in communication and self expression, and settle into the intuitive realm of your womb. Meet the force of the goddess within you that facilitates all connection.


Movement medicine will include, but is not limited to: sacral and throat chakra toning, intuitive impulse improv, circles and non-linear vinyasa, sound healing, femme-festing, wisdom downloading, and a swim in the deep reservoir of inner spaciousness.





Please bring a yoga mat, journal & pen, sacred altar item, and an open mind & heart.

Blessings xo