2019 Class SCHEDULE

slow flow

FRIDAYS, January 11th - May 31st

6:00 - 7:15pm

1000 Rivers Studio


This class is the "gateway" to our Strut Club vibe + movement method.

It's also the perfect dynamic complement to your embodiment work.


Think: Yoga flow + hip and heart opening dance sequences + strength training

all set to some deep and delicious slow jams.

It's a sweaty slow burn designed to leave you feeling relaxed, clear, and sensually embodied.


All levels welcome.

Bring a mat + water. 


This is RITUAL MOVEMENT MEDICINE - contemporary embodiment through a conscious lens.

At Strut Club, you are simply invited to come as you are and try on some luscious shapes.

You learn to move the way your body wants to move, INSTINCTUALLY, and you add new movement signatures to your muscle memory.


This class awakens SHAKTI energy, teaches you to trust your impulses, and remembers you home to your body. It feels bold, sexy, challenging, vulnerable, exciting, fierce, safe, expansive, and real.

And the list goes on.



TUESDAYS, January 8th - May 28th

 2525 West Broadayw (Yoga Buttons)

6:00 -7:30pm

This NEW level is for you if you've been dying to try STRUT but crave support with:

- warm-up + dance fundamentals

- STRUT technique and vocabulary breakdowns

- intro to choreography + freestyle

- expressing with confidence

- body language + energy dynamics

- all the magic + loving your badass self.



SUNDAYS, January 6th - May 26th

 Rhodes Wellness College, 2nd floor (buzz up)

6:00 -7:30pm

Join us for our OG open level STRUT CLUB.

This class is for babes who want to challenge and amplify their dance church practices.

It's for you if you're craving:

- juicy cross floor combos

- freestyle play + collaboration

- a good sweat (advanced warm-up + strength training)

- varied genres of choreography + dance influences

- deep dive into your own body wisdom, + somatic storytelling

- refined mind/body/creativity connection

- all the magic of a badass womxnhood








5-Class pass: $88

10-Class pass: $155

Drop-in: $20

Pay by cash at the door or e-transfer to info@mythicsister.com

No need to register beforehand - just show up!

Dress however you'd like for class.

Booty shorts and a sports bra? Hell yes.

Yoga pants and a crop top? 100%

Sweatshirt and sweatpants? Get sweaty bae.

What matters is that you are comfortable, confident, + can move freely.

Heels/wedge/boot is optional for STRUT CLUB. Dance barefoot or with a sneaker if you'd prefer!

 And go peek at some class videos on the Mythic Sister IG!

DM or email if you have any questions!


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