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Reiki Energy Healing

REIKI means Universal Live Force Healing.

This intelligent and divine healing energy flows gently into your Being and goes wherever it is needed.

Reiki Energy can support you in so many ways, including:

  • deep relaxation

  • relief from anxious states and tense body

  • uplifts depression, heaviness, sluggishness

  • clears stagnancy/blockages in energetic + physical body

  • supports emotional + physical pain

  • inspires, awakens, softens, aligns

  • is PURE, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE ENERGY coursing through you.

60-minute session - $100

Sensual, conscious + expansive Embodiment session

One-on-one embodiment sessions are designed on an individual basis to meet your unique goals + intentions.

Sessions incorporate a spectrum of powerful concrete and metaphysical healing modalities, chosen + channeled specifically for you.


The work may include, but is not limited to:

  • yoga asana

  • dance

  • energy healing

  • ritual

  • mantra

  • meditation + visualization

  • pranayama

  • coaching/open dialogue

  • "homework" exercises, and more.

Sensual, Conscious, + Expansive Embodiment activations can assist you with:

  • clearing physical and energetic blockages

  • restoring flow to subtle body chakras

  • releasing limiting patterns, belief systems, + behaviours, 

  • developing a personal & therapeutic yoga/dance/movement practice

  • attuning to your feminine rhythms, sensuality, and primal power

  • learning to BE & STAY in your temple body in present time

  • creating rituals for self-care + sacred space

  • diving into your soul-well to embrace and take responsibility for your light & the dark stories

  • navigating stress and creating balance in all life streams

  • accessing the INNATE wisdom + creative energy of your physical and energetic bodies.

  • increasing your capacity for love, truth, + connection.

  • remembering what you already know, Wild Woman.


Single 60 minute session: $122

4-Week Package:

After a consultation on your goals for mind/body/spirit we will meet weekly and dive into a mix of movement and healing arts designed just for you.

4 x 60 minute sessions - $444

6-Week Package: 

Same as above but over 6 weeks + a personalized ritual & embodiment package - practices tailored for you to support your growth and continue once our time together is over.

6 x 60 minute sessions + personal ritual movement medicine - $600

Session times are flexible.


Please  indicate your preferred time and nature of session and we'll connect from there.

Love and gratitude xo

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