FRIDAYS - NOV. 3, 17, 24

6:30-8:00pm at 1000 Rivers Studio, 54 East 4th Ave.



I invite you to dance and journey with the Dark Goddess.

As the days grow shorter, plunge into Ritual Movement Medicine & Mythic Storytelling to uncover what lies below the surface, in your dark, rich earth.


Through the November Shaman’s Moon, this sacred dance temple will teach you to recognize, invoke, and embody Dark Goddess energy so that you may know Her as your ally in transformation.


We have inherited in our DNA, thousands of years of silencing the feminine voice, wildness, and creative expression.

So we learn to dance Her dance, to give life to the ancient and current stories that are alive within us.


These stories are told with the hips and the guts, with sweat and density, with bellows and groans, whispers and hisses.

This is a dirt under your fingernails and mud between your toes kind of dance.

This is a practice of feral ferocity and strength as beauty.

It is an honouring of your deepest yearning to collect your soul pieces and be whole in the world.

It is a reclamation of your sacral space, a scouring, an excavation, a preparation for renewal.

Become AWAKE to the implicit memories of your body and become OPEN to the transformation that discomfort brings.

It will feel good and a bit ugly, but wild and familiar in your body, I promise.


NO DANCE experience necessary. 



Short ritual and storytelling

Guided and intuitive warmup

Mythic Embodiment exercises

Simple, powerful thematic choreography 





- you’d want to recognize Dark Goddess energy in your life, the ways in which she manifests, and how to dance with Her as your ally in transformation.


- you are curious to learn about and embody the divine feminine archetypes that inform our cycles & stories - maiden, mother, crone, priestess, healer, sorceress, warrior, seductress, destroyer, creatress.


- you’re going through some SHIT and you need a safe and supportive outlet to MOVE it through you.


- you are in the process of transformation - the rebuilding or the burning down, or somewhere in between.


- you FEAR your own power, or you feel powerless.


- you want to DANCE and move your body without worrying about how you look or getting the steps “right.”


- your primal, feral WILD WOMAN is screaming to come out of hiding and to be heard, seen, felt, and loved back to life.


- you want to explore movement alchemy within your temple body - the healing power of your sweat, sounds, and barefoot mythic shapeshifting.


- you need to gather with your Sisters and be held in the Goddess Web.

You know Her. 

You've dreamt Her. You've been Her, seen Her.

You are Her.




Your investment for the WHOLE SERIES is $66, for 4.5 hours of class.

Drop-in for $22

PLEASE NOTE: There is no class November 10th, but you will be given material to continue the work on your own, in the absence of a gathering.


TO REGISTER, fill out the form below or EMAIL info@mythicsister.com.

Space is limited.

With love and gratitude,

India Dania

Photo by Wild Woman Stories, Jennifer Ann Holden

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