"The body remembers, the bones remember, the joints remember, even the little finger remembers. 

So, let us push on now, and remember ourselves back to the wild soul.

Let us sing her flesh back onto our bones...

Summon up the opening of a passageway."


-Clarissa Pinkola Éstes, Women Who Run with the Wolves

Make no mistake Sister - this is not a retreat.


For you are a wild soul.

And there is nothing to retreat from.

"If you do not go out in the woods, nothing will ever happen and your life will never begin."

So you run toward life with your arms, eyes, and heart flung open wide.

You use your body the way it was meant to be used.

You climb, dance, swim, stretch, cry, scream, and breathe deeply.

You invite pleasure, inspiration, creativity, SHAKTI.

You calibrate to the hum of the Great Mother.

You FEEL it all, because you must.

You MUST be wild + awake.



I invite you to join me for one week, on the Garden Isle of Kauai.

This incredible place is my heart home and I have been called to share her magic, mana, and sacred energy with you.

I have lovingly and passionately created an intimate women's gathering that will renew your body at the cellular level, restore your wildness, and attune you to Spirit.

Under the light of the FULL MOON.

When I write about Kauai or read through my musings from past visits, these are the words that jump off the page:





You are DESIGNED to embody every single one of these qualities, my love.

And this is the power of Kauai.

She strips you of all that you are not, to reveal the lustrous gem at the center.

She summons your dreams and highest visions and gives you a direct line to Source.

She delivers transformations through the alchemy of her sacred Elements.

She is where consciousness becomes a priority, where you commune with ALL THAT IS.

She is wild and unpredictable, powerful, mythic, and holy.

There is a biological advantage to being awe-struck.

The experience of AWE connects you to the mystical and the infinite, to beauty, love, and possibility.

It makes you feel ALIVE and interconnected.

It shows you that Heaven IS the place where you live.

This is the ALOHA SPIRIT.

This is the gift of Mama Kauai.

So come.

Gather with your sisters.

Taste the freshest fruit and high vibe foods.

Smell the salt, mud, and flowers on the wind.

Lay eyes on the lushest landscapes and climb the wettest mountains.

Hear the whispers of your heart. 

Offer up your deepest dedications, invocations, intentions and prayers. 

And then give back your fears, your wounds, and everything that does not serve.

Let the majesty of Kauai reflect back to you, everything that you ARE.

With love + gratitude,




Hanakapiai Falls
The Napali Coast
Kalalau Beach
Bali Hai from Tunnels Beach
Trail to Hanakapiai Falls
Breathtaking sunset
Hanakapiai Beach
Fresh local food
Bamboo Forest
Waimea Canyon
Beach sunset
Double rainbow over Wailua River
Kalalau Lookout
End of the Canyon Trail
Highest swampland in the world
Moloaa Beach
The Stone Dam
Alakai Swamp Trail
Sweet Plumeria
Vibrate the Cosmos
Sunset from Kilauea
Market haul!
Ke'e Beach
Epic Northshore sunset
Waimea Canyon
On the Canyon Trail
Waimea Canyon
Fresh eats and Kauai Juice
Sunset from Kilauea
The Napali Coast
Lush North Shore scenery
The Garden Isle
Sacred sea treasures

All photos are from my own travel experiences on Kauai, taken on an iPhone, unedited.

When Kauai calls you, it is undeniable.

Maybe you've dreamt of her. Maybe your feet already know the way.

Her shores feel familiar, her magic is alive within you. It's because there is something FOR you there, something crucial to the evolution of your soul in this life.

Sister, heed the call. It's time to RE-WILD.


MAY 6 - 13, 2017

I invite you to gather at a large 4-bedroom private residence in Princeville, on the North Shore of Kauai.

Enjoy a sprawling backyard with fruit trees and coconut palms, lanais that overlook the mountains, comfortable accommodations, an outdoor shower, and a spacious kitchen + living space.

The home is complete with all amenities you could need.

All meals are included, but we will cook and co-create our nourishment together.

All ingredients will be sourced locally from the land + sea.

Airport pick-up + drop off, and on island transportation are also provided for your 

6 days + 7 nights on the island of Kauai.

In addition, your RE-WILD: KAUAI experience includes a comprehensive curriculum of

Ritual Movement Medicine, Sacred Ceremony, + Elemental Alchemy,

which will include but is not limited to:

  • Full Moon Temple - Ceremony at moonrise.

  • Morning meditation + Cacao ceremony at ancient Hawaiian Heiau.

  • Visit to Kauai's sacred Hindu Temple + Ganesha Altar.

  • Kava ('Awa root), Tarot + Animal Medicine Circle.

  • Daily grounding + centering, pranayama, mantra, + restorative practices.

  • Hike the Napali Coast to Hanakapiai Beach + Falls.

  • Kayak up the sacred Wailua River and hike to a secluded waterfall for lunch.

  • Day trip to Koke'e State Park to explore Waimea Canyon trails + lookouts.

  • North Shore beach days to swim, snorkel, picnic, lounge, + explore.

  • One-hour relaxation massage in the comfort of your north shore residence.

  • Shop the Hanalei Bay Farmer's market + local merchants.

  • Stargazing + epic sunset viewing.

  • Fresh, organic meals + local fruit plucked from Mama Kauai.

  • Time to rest + renew + return to the Earth, the Air, the Fire, the Water.


SOLD OUT Option 1 - $2050 CDN

Ground floor master suite with King bed, full bath, walk in closet, + sliding doors that open to the large, private backyard + outdoor shower.

SOLD OUT - Option 2  - $1900 CDN

Main floor master bedroom with a full bath, luxury King bed, + vaulted ceilings.


SOLD OUT Option 3 - $1750 CDN 

Twin bed, shared bedroom/bath/lanai on the ground floor.


SOLD OUT - Option 4 - $1650 CDN

Bunk bed, shared bedroom/bath/lanai on the ground floor.

All prices include tax, 7 nights accommodation, meals, class + excursion costs, airport pick-up + drop-off, and all on island transportation.

Flight cost NOT included.

A $350 non-refundable deposit will secure your registration.

Payment plans available. Please inquire.


As you know, life is fluid and always shifting.
If you are ready to pack your bags, hop on a plane, and commune with Mama Kauai, complete the form below to add your name to the waitlist.
I'll be in touch asap, should anything open up.
Alternately, to express interest in future RE-WILD gatherings, on Kauai and elsewhere, send me a note to say hello and I'll add you to my mailing list!
Sister, it's time to RE-WILD.



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