Movement is my connection to Source. It has always been the way in which I synthesize my life, express, release, and come to know my truth.


I stand firmly for calling one’s power back through sensual, conscious, and expansive embodiment practices and I believe that we must not transcend the body for enlightenment, but rather, go deeper into it. 


My passion lies particularly in leading women back to their Wild Woman nature - guiding my sisters to reclaim, through RITUAL MOVEMENT MEDICINE, their body, their power, their dreams, their sexuality, their talents, their most truthful Self, unapologetically.


At the core, I am a Lioness, a Leo, a Reverse Warrior, a Conscious Activist. I am obsessed with rhythms - the deep and syncopated ones,  the feminine mysteries, the collective heartbeat, the Moon. I source my Spirit from the wild and I am humbled by my role as messenger of our Mama Earth’s ancient and benevolent teachings. 


In over 15 years of dance training, I made my way through the Royal Academy of Dance repertoire and subsequent BFA studies in Contemporary Dance at the Simon Fraser School of Contemporary Arts. I have performed and choreographed for local schools, dance collectives, and dance companies, including The Burlesque Beauties, The Lovers Cabaret, Urban Beat Dance Co. and Goldenlight Entertainment. 


I  hold a 200hr Yoga Teacher Certification and have been fortunate to travel internationally as both an instructor and teacher trainer. I've also graduated from the Off the Mat Into the World's transformational Yoga, Purpose & Action Leadership Intensive. I am a certified Reiki Healer, and I have been initiated as a Red Drum Carrier through the Red Moon Mystery School


My studies in dance, yoga, fitness, metaphysics, the feminine mysteries, social justice, and the chakra system come together to create my signature approach to RITUAL MOVEMENT MEDICINE for women.


I’ve also been a part of many magnificent studio families in Vancouver, accumulating thousands of teaching hours and heart connections.  Gratitude to Distrikt Movement, Stretch, Form Body Lab, Girlvana Yoga, The Dharma Temple, and Steve Nash Clubs for supporting me in my offerings.


Humble bows also to the many wise and radiant teachers who have shared their wisdom with me over the years. There truly too many to count because our teachers are EVERYWHERE, but I offer gratitude in particular to - Tina James, Ana Forrest, Seane Corn, Jackie Chiodo, Achintya Devi, Tulasi Adeva, Suzanne Sterling, Sweet Medicine Nation,  Amanda Giacomini, Mama Earth, and the beautiful teachers I encounter daily.


In gratitude,