falls in love in different ways, every day, over and over again.


She is wild and charged with universal love energy, moving through the world in the delicious way that only love can move. A daughter of the Sun, Moon, Earth, Ocean, and Cosmos, she is an open channel to divine inspiration, connected to the seeds of femme-festation planted deep within her.


She gathers her tribe of sisters in light and in dark times. She is a goddess, a light-worker, her own medicine woman and cellular healer. Movement, she worships in all its forms. Rhythm is her church, music is her medicine, dance and yoga are her prayers. 


Barefoot and open-hearted, she is nourished by the sacred elements and the tonic of the wild. Her power, rooted in the knowing that she is a reflection of nature's grace and beauty, radiates from the jewel of her center. At times she roars, at times she weeps, at times she laughs. Like a sunset, she does not hold back.


She is a Creatress, a Sourceress. She believes in magic and, through the alchemy of play, discovery, expression, and expansion, she liberates herself and others. She seeks. She studies. She practices RITUAL MOVEMENT MEDICINE to save herself each day.


Above all, a Mythic Sister remembers and returns to the archetypes that guide her cyclical unfolding. She authors her story. She is the Keeper of her dharma.


the Earth, the Air,

the Fire, the Water,

return return,

return return.